Xbox 360 Preview Programme Invites Going Out From Today

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A preview program for the Xbox 360 will be launching soon. And chances are if you're in the Xbox One Preview program you're gonna get in this if you still own your Xbox 360.

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Hitman Sniper Challenge Impressions

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Hitman: Sniper Challenge is a free DLC for everyone who pre-orders Hitman Absolution.  It’s nice to see a developer give a better pre-order incentive than the usual t-shirts or in game item, by whetting the appetite of the Hitman fans with the taste of the skills they can expect from Agent 47.

Sniper Challenge is a stand-alone game, focussing on (you guessed it) the sniping aspect of being an assassin.  You overlook a rooftop party, and are given a main target to take out, along with numerous guards.  The game allows you to take to the objective in whichever way you see fit, allowing players to attempt to quickly dispatch of everyone, or take a more calm approach and silently take out each target.  You’ll need to take the latter approach if you are looking for the coveted ‘Silent Assassin’ rank, where you need to complete the objective without anyone knowing what’s happening.  To do this you’ll need to utilise the environment and precision timing to cover your tracks.

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Xbox One Games With Gold Can Now Be Queued On Xbox 360

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Do you own an Xbox  360? Do who have an Xbox Live Gold membership? Well now you can start queuing your free Games With Gold Xbox One titles through your console.

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Impressions

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When I first heard that there was a new Ghost Recon being released, I got very excited.  I have very fond memories with the original GRAW (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter). Spending many a late night playing multiplayer as a team with my new online buddies left me with some of the most satisfying shooter experiences I have to date.

For those who don't know Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a third person cover based shooter from Ubisoft due for release in May 2012.

Here at AG we have been lucky to be able to get access to the multiplayer beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier.  As soon as it had downloaded I jumped right in (with a few other on my friends list), and after a few friendly fire flash bangs I soon got used to the controls and I felt like a teenager again.  Because a lot of the beta multiplayer reminded me of the good old days of GRAW, where playing as a team counted for something, and sprinting around and mindlessly shooting everything that moved doesn't always work (yes that was a COD jab, there may be more to come).


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Halo 4 Community Event

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I was delighted to hear that AbsoluteGaming had been invited by XCN to attend a special community event for Halo 4, and that I was allowed to represent the site.  I’ve been a big Halo fan since the first game, and while I believe the last 2 games have lacked a little something, I’ve been very optimistic about the first in a new trilogy of Halo games.

For those of you that don’t know, Halo comes from developer Bungie, who have now stepped down (due to separating from Microsoft and becoming an independent studio), and have passed the reigns over to new guys 343 Industries.  343i were created by Microsoft in 2007 to oversee the future of the Halo franchise, but this is their first full game from scratch after remaking the original Halo in the form of Halo:  Combat Evolved Anniversary.

I arrived at the location of the event far too early, and was told to go away and wait for another 45 minutes (apparently I’m too keen!), so off for a coffee I went.  I went back and a queue had formed to which I joined.  We were eventually led into a basement, and upon opening the doors we were greeted by a dark, neon lit corridor which led to glass doors and a huge image of Master Chief.  This was it; I was getting more excited with every step.  There was no reason for me to be in this state.  After all this is a game being made by a new developer to the franchise, how was I to know how they had treated it?  Had they ruined what has been one of my favourite gaming series’?  I was soon to find out.

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