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2 paullowes80 2 2 6
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1 Wayne Hennessey ImmortalTanz 1

Flinthook - Xbox One Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

We`re at a time now where the ID market is massive. We are seeing so many developers take their games from other platforms such as mobiles and tablets and moving them over to a console, and bringing their game to a wider audience in a different shape or form. We see new games released every week, and where we wait a while for AAA games to hit the market, you`re always getting something new released in the ID field. But there comes a time where you do wonder whether a game has made the right decision in making a move, or whether an ID game is going to be remembered for being a good ID game, a great one, or one that`s going to fall away. Over the past week, I`ve had the chance to play Flinthook, which is developed and published by Tribute Games. Is it something worth checking out however?


Flinthook was released last month is a side-scroller, and puts you into the character of captain Flinthook, a bounty hunter, who just like every other hunter and collector, thrives on finding loot and treasure and other weird and wonderful things. Captain Flinthook must go from cargo ship to ship, exploring and collecting all the loot he can, in order to build up his bounty. Along the way, you`re going to come along pirates that must be defeated in order to progress, and once more, gather that all important loot. The more pirates you defeat, the closer you come to beating the final boss, and your main target and bounty. You`re going to be able to collect a range of other objects and collectibles including relics, cards, and objects that are going to help you in order to defeat thepirates including Bombs and guns. Patience is going to be a virtue as it is going to become rather frustrating throughout. There`s something about the game that I really don’t like, and I can`t quite put my finger on it yet. I really, really can`t.

There`s going to be similarities throughout the game that are going to be recognised from other side-scrollers and it`s quite nice to see when developers do look to previous games from ages ago and following traits (Or perhaps they didn’t, but there`s a lot of similar traits). It`s going to be challenging, but in terms of the controls there isn’t anything that`s going to be majorly difficult, just some areas that are going to require you to practice and master. For example, being able to use Flinthook`s hook and being able to swing around each area of the ship is vital, as you`ll need to avoid enemies and objects that if hit is going to cause some serious damage to your health. But, as I`ve mentioned, the controls aren’t too difficult, and although they are easy to pick up, it is going to take some practice, especially in terms of Flinthook`s hook control, which is vital and used throughout the game. The other thing that is going to be a real annoyance to some gamers is the lack of a save feature throughout the levels, meaning that if you die at any point, you will be starting right from the start of the level. There`s nothing more I quite hate than getting right to the end of something, dying, and having to go through the thing all over again, as for me, it`s a right nightmare, and is going to put people right off.

Throughout the game, you`re going to be able to level up Flinthook, and quite a few of the achievements focus on levelling up. It`s going to feel like a struggle at first, as it does take an incredibly amount of time to level up at the start, but if you persevere with it, it does become easier as you come across XP cards to help you level up quicker. It`s going to feel slow to start, but it does get better and easier to rank up later on. Before you go to a ship to steal the loot and kill the pirates, you`re going to have the option to use perks and turning different ones on, all of which will benefit Flinthook in some shape or form. You have complete control in which perks to use for each ship you go to invade.

It`s also nice to see an ID game that feels like a throwback in terms of the graphics. It`s a typical 2D graphic side-scroller, and isn’t something that`s going to make you say wow, but it is a game that`s going to throw back some memories to the days where these graphics were typical and across most games released on consoles.

Flinthook is a game that is not going to be for everyone at all. There`s some gamers that are going to quite enjoy this, and for some mature gamers it`s going to be a nice throwback, but for some, it`s going to be rather a frustrating and disappointing experience, and I`m really unsure in where I stand. There are elements to the game I quite like, but there are areas such as the lack of a save feature that are really off-putting, and I`m not sure how it`s going to be received. If you`re prepared to take the gamble then it`s worth investing in, however, I wouldn’t go out of your way to purchase if you`re not into these types of games.

Developer: Tribute Games
Publisher: Tribute Games
Website: Flinthook
Twitter: @TributeGames / @flinthook

Price: £11.99

Review code supplied by XCN

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