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RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (3 Votes)

Girl Power!

RWBY (pronounced Ruby) is an animated web series produced by Rooster Teeth, the people behind the successful hit Red vs. Blue, after 4 series, they decided to bring the crimefighting schoolgirls into the gaming world with RWBY Grimm Eclipse.  You get to play as Ruby, Weiss Blake and Yang, students of the Battle Academy that are training as huntresses to go on missions to fight the agents of the Grimm.  You need to be told this here, as the game assumes you must be a fan of the series already, as it gives you no information about the back story.

You can play as any of the four characters, as you battle waves of Grimm, which only mission in their aggressive lives seems to be to kill you, and while a flimsy story is told to you through radio broadcasts, that’s pretty much all there is to things, an endless frenzy of murder and survival.  The characters have no back story told to you, and rely on you being a fan of the animated series to fully understand the difference between their characters.  The four girls do differ however in their fighting style using different moves and weapons, so you will find a character that you enjoy using more as it suits the way you want to fight.  The look of the game is quite striking and mimics the style of the animated series very well with its use of colours and although each level doesn’t play that differently, the design differentiates between them.

 Although the combat mechanics are very simple, the fights will look very different depending on which character you choose to play as.  At the end of the day though it still all came down to some frantic button spamming using the same combos over and over.  It’s worth making sure you remember how to do your character’s ultimate attack as that will do the most damage and hopefully despatch a cluster of enemies in one go.  The combat can look pretty impressive at first but the moves are simple to perform, and one good thing about the moves is that once you start a combo you don’t have to wait for it to play through, but can change moves half way through, which helps avoid your opponent’s attack.


This simple combat style would be refreshing if there were interesting enemies to use it on, but there aren’t that many different types of Grimm to fight, and they are that clever, so it doesn’t require any well thought out strategy to beat them, it’s more a case of just go up to them and trade blows until you win.  Some of the more powerful enemies may take longer to destroy because it they can take much more damage, but the method to defeat them is pretty much the same.

As a single player game, tis gets boring quite quickly, with each level taking about 10 minutes of you following a linear path fighting enemies that come at you in bigger numbers until you triumph.  Then its onto the next mission for pretty much more of the same.  There aren’t much in the way of boss enemies to defeat at the end of levels as you would expect by this type of game, and the only one of note is the giant scorpion you encounter at the end of the game.  Be prepared for half an hour or tedious action, gradually weakening this boss to gain the final victory.

The area in which the game elevates itself in the co-op mode, in which four of you can play together, taking a character each to form the RWBY team.  The simple combat style works well here and because of the unique weapons and fighting styles of the characters, you can employ some real teamwork in the battles and have plenty of fun along the way.  In these co-op missions, you can win medals for being the MVP in each mission and there’s a scoreboard that shows you how well or badly each player has performed.


The characters gain experience as you go through the story and level up, awarding you skill points to customise your character.  The only problem is that it takes so long to level up that you’re expected to make quite a few play throughs of the story to get the characters up to a decent level.

As well as the story mode, there is also a horde mode, where up to 4 players must defend areas of the map against waves of Grimm, in a tower defence style of game where you use the credits you win to buy extra turrets.

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is without doubt a game squarely aimed at fans of the series (and even they are likely to be left feeling short changed), with very little story or character that will win over players who are experiencing this universe for the first time.  The single player game very quickly becomes a grind, but there’s quite a bit of fun to be had if you can persuade some friends to play along in the co-op mode.

A big thanks to XCN for the review copy.


Game:  RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

Developer:  Rooster Teeth Games

Publisher:  Rooster Teeth Games

Genre:  Hack & Slash

Price:  £15.99

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