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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

In a tradition that has long been going, Nazi killing games have survived generations of console changes.  Wolfenstein’s previous instalment “The New Order” was received very positively and now acting as a prologue to New Order we find ourselves at the beginning of the adventure in The Old Blood.

Those new to the franchise will benefit from a little background so here goes… As you’d expect from the above mentioned paragraph Wolfenstein is all about Nazi Germany.  In 1946 Hilter has created an army of mechanical soldiers which threatens to turn the tide of a losing war.  It’s down to you to investigate what is actually going on inside Castle Wolfenstein and put a stop to it.  And for fans of the series in case you missed it, this is set before The New Order.


The Old blood is split into 2 parts, over 8 chapters.  Rudi Jager and the house of wolves plus The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs are included and both are excellent story lines.  Especially the encounters against Rudi Jager, which is well thought out and well written, the environment and enemies all work perfectly in tandem to bring an excellent experience to the player.

The wide variety of weapons and enemies you encounter within castle Wolfenstein make the quest deep and interesting throughout the 4 hours it takes to complete part one, although that is me just concentrating on the story, an array of collectables such as gold and letters are available for you to find around the maze which is Rudi’s Lair.

A tradition which is continued in the prologue and aforementioned is the wide variety of Nazi’s you encounter.  From Commanders to Giant robotic wolves, Castle Wolfenstein certainly throws a challenge at you in almost every turn.  The characters you encounter along the way show the harsh reality of Nazi Germany with Rudi Jager being the instigator in chief.  His unrelenting cruelty is on exhibition for all to see through you fight.

With this, Wolfenstein creates a genuine fear factor with its harsh characters on one hand; however the AI seriously lets the side down.  Some of the issues which plagued the New Order with its unresponsive AI still hang around like a bad penny.  Soldiers will consistently miss things such as dead bodies before raising alarms, and often you can walk past certain types of troops with ease.

But when they do see you the Nazi’s are unrelenting in wave after wave of enemy, as you slog your way through.  The adrenaline is pumping throughout and although there isn’t much craft and precision by doing this the shear pace of the game makes The Old Blood so enjoyable.  But as before mentioned this isn’t enough these days to make games truly great, there isn’t much subtly at all and you don’t really make any connections with the characters throughout, even B.J.

Gameplay wise though, its smooth yet punchy engine reminds me of an older version of Call of Duty, which punishes you for missed shots, something which is sorely missed in the CoD franchise, but is done so well in Wolfenstein.  However one of its old novelties such as picking up ammo and armour is too primitive, the stuff is everywhere, and you have to press a button every single time for an item, it’s rather tedious by the end.  If there was limited ammo this could work well but as it is, there is simply too much stuff to pick up for this to be a tactical part of the game.

Environments run high and low with multiple levels and settings with great cover to provide some memorable shootouts but by in large the game is still too short, a quick run through will see you hit 6 hours probably at push.  The ability to go back and play certain shootouts in an arcade style point system does offer the player some replay ability value but by in large once you play through the story which goes a bit south in part 2, you may not come back in a long time.

When it comes to Nazi fighting the story jumps quickly between stealth to all out warfare and it’s a bit annoying at times, when you work hard tactically to work your way through and then you have to face waves and waves of enemies, the transition is poor and could do with some work.

Overall though, The Old Blood is very enjoyable if not a bit small.  If it was longer it would certainly be worth more playthroughs but in its current format Wolfenstein may not see the light of day for a while.  But that doesn’t detract from its many positives; I found the gameplay nostalgic and very enjoyable something modern day shooters have struggled to bring to the table.  And how doesn’t like killing Nazi’s anyway?!

The New Order and The Old Blood are now £20 on the store as a bundle, at time of writing.

With Thanks to XCN once again for allowing me to review Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

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