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Club League 1

1 balonga13 20 16 51
2 TheAshCohen09 20 10 36
3 Aaronc333 20 10 34
4 paullowes80 20 9 31
5 dazzler24 20 7 26

Club League Cup Winner In The Hotseat

Rating: 4.29/5 (7 Votes)

We are currently looking to get inside the minds of our Club League members. Although it shouldn't take much to pick their brains. First up is our Club League cup winner Jobi Juan

He gives us the run down on his history and how he has faired this season.

Where are you from?

A little village outside of Swindon called Watchfield

What is your current job?

Window cleaner

Which club do you support and why?

I support mighty Swindon Town. The town I was born in was smack down in between Swindon and Oxford. My address had an SN (Swindon) postcode but was classed as Oxfordshire. So I could choose between the two. It was 10 minutes to the county ground and 40 minutes to the Manor ground so Swindon it was!

How long have you been playing FIFA?

First one was Fifa ‘95 but as the Xbox came along I moved to the dark side and played PES. Fifa ‘09 I think it was the first Ultimate Team so I’m a FUT founder player and I haven’t looked back since.

If you could make 3 improvements to FIFA 18 what would they be?

I really can’t tackle and defend on this Fifa. Fifa ‘17 was great, I hardly ever conceded so I’d change the defending back to how it was. Apart from that, I think we’ve got a pretty decent game.

How is your current season panning out?

I’m sitting pretty in mid-table. It’s been a while since I’ve played in a league and as long as I don’t finish in the bottom two, I’ll be happy.

What do you think of your current team Bordeaux?

Got handed them after a late bid from ImmortalTanz took Palace away from me. We’ve got a couple of quick wingers, Malcolm has the skills and De Preville has a nice finish so I’m happy with with them.

Who is your star player and what does he bring to your team?

Definitely Malcolm. He’s quick, he has a great touch with both left and right foot. A great delivery from set pieces and not a bad shot either so he’s quite an asset.

Looking at your fellow managers in the league what are your thoughts on them? Top 3 bottom 3 etc?

Every manager has their own style of play. I try not to concentrate on other teams tactics, it’s no secret that we play counter attacking football. The fans aren’t always happy for us to sit back soak up the pressure and let the opposition have possession of the ball, but as soon as it’s won, we’re off like a rocket. Sometimes it backfires (the games vs Tanz for example), I sat back to soak up the pressure but Benteke abs Zaha were just too good for us. But against TheAshCohen09, the tactics worked perfectly. I’ve not yet had any beef on the sidelines with another manager but I get a sneaky feeling there’s a lot of teams that don’t like playing us because of the style of football we play. Do we deserve to win if we only had 40% possession of the ball? Well if we’ve scored more goals than you..then yes, yes we do!

Where do you think you will finish the season?

Ideally we’ll be looking for a top 6 finish and then work from there for next season.

Will you be looking to sell Bordeaux at the end of the season?

A job is never guaranteed in football. All I’m going to say is at the moment I’m manager of Bordeaux and I’m going to do my best to get them as high up the league as possible.

Who is the member you fear playing most in the league and why?

We as a team fear no one. However, I consider myself a member of the ‘old guard’ of AG. There’s always that fear that aaronc333 of seasons past could return. There was a ‘top of the league’ fear of playing AshCohen..until we smashed Torino 6-1 so we’ve definitely got it in our arsenal to win. We’ve won the cup this season against tough opposition. We need to push on next season and be the team to be feared!

If you could slap one league member who would it be and why?

When all is said and done on the pitch, there’s always someone looking for an excuse in the match report afterwards. A simple ‘good game’ isn’t enough for some. “I can’t believe you passed it to your player and scored an open goal” (or words to that effect) have been left for me. Sometimes you get the rub of the green, sometimes you don’t. Feel free to score the sweatiest goals you can against me. It’ll only make me try harder to defend (which is something I can’t do well). No names, you know who you are haha!

and finally what would you add to the league setup next season?

I’d quite like to see the goal of the round or month feature return. Everyone gets to pick one goal for nomination and the rest of the league get to vote. BOOOOOM TOP BIN!

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