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Club League 1

1 balonga13 14 10 33
2 TheAshCohen09 14 7 26
3 paullowes80 12 7 23
4 Aaronc333 14 6 22
5 dazzler24 10 6 21

The Bankers run down on the League Cup draw!

Rating: 4.73/5 (15 Votes)

The draw for the 41st Club League Cup has been made earlier today at AG Towers. The Banker and his best mate aaronc333 made the draw behind closed doors. Ill let yuou make of that what you will. Here are The Bankers thoughts on the ties:

vs balonga13

Tough one to call this. On his day Wintz can upset anyone and balonga can also throw up a surprise or two. balonga has a long history with this competition so if im sticking my neck out here im gonna go for a balonga win with golden goal.

vs CookieMUFC

Recently met in the league with Ash winning both. I dont see past Ash again for this one. When the big games come around Ash steps up. 3-0 to Ash.

Big B 1970
vs TheAshCohen09

Ash has been a regular at the top of the table in recent seasons and I see the same again this time around. Although Bri has a decent team in Valencia I cant see a cup upset here. 4-1 to Ash.

vs paullowes80

No upset here im afraid. Paul will be far too strong for the crazy man. Storm does have the ability erm sorry luck to get through this one but I doubt it very much. 5-0 to Paul.

vs Jobi Juan

The ex king of FIFA vs the returning member. Cup upset here on the cards with Jobi going through on golden goal. I think Aaron struggles in big games when the pressure is on and Jobi will take his chances.

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