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Fantasy League

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Club League 1

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1 deareststorm 0 0 0
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Club League 2

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1 Big B 1970 0 0 0
1 EmotionalWorm 0 0 0
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AG Tour - Season One Preview

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

As Season One of the AG tour finally gets underway on The Golf Club 2, we preview the action by having a look at the players before they head to the first tee. With the handicap system in place for the whole season, results are going to be very unpredictable and the points competition should be very tight. With events now being played over 2 rounds, consistency and concentration will be the key to success.

Emotionalworm - (NIR) – handicap 11.6
The Bookies favourite going into the tour, thanks to his 6 victories in the run up. Top on points and total earnings pre-season, his slightly higher handicap should give him a bit of an advantage early on. The shortest hitter off the tee (236 yards) but makes up with it by being the best long putter, sinking a quarter of all his putts over 10m.

ImmortalTanz - (BEL) – 9.5
Another short driver (252 yards) on average but relies on good approach play to get results, and has picked up 3 pre-season trophies. The weakness in his game is his putting accuracy, with an average of 1.85 putts per hole, so look out for him to lead the pack on courses where the greens are kind.

deareststorm - (NIR) – 20.9
He’s collected 3 trophies recently, and he’ll be one to watch in the early stages of the season if he takes advantage of that high handicap. One of the biggest hitters on the tour (274 yards), he’ll be looking to pick up the birdies or more on the long holes.

Big B 1970- (SCO) – 6.2
A weak hitter (254 yards) but good with his approach play, he’s picked up 2 trophies pre-tour and will hoping to do well on the shorter slower courses. A golfer that needs to become more consistent to be a challenger for the title.

WoodymcWoodface- (ENG) – 4.1
Accuracy and consistency is his strong point, and is rarely seen in the sand, hitting the greens 62.5% of the time. He may not win many events outright but will pick up plenty of tour points to be a contender.

TheAshCohen09 - (ENG) – 23.4
The highest handicap on the tour will help him the easier courses, especially coupled with his recent change of clubs, so expect some good results early on. Whether he can keep it up through a long season is debatable though as he has by far the highest scoring average and worst putting stats out of all the competitors.

paullowes80 - (ENG) – 3.6
2 trophies pre-tour makes him one to look out for once the season starts. A very accurate golfer off the tee with 84.95% of fairways being hit, he breaks par on more holes than most (24.72 %). Having hit more eagles (5) and birdies (84) than anyone, if he can iron out the odd mistake he can make a good challenge for the title.

wellsa27 - (ENG) – 3.1
No trophies pre-tour but don’t let that fool you as he’s the tours Mr. Consistency. He has the best record in hitting both greens (62.5) and fairways (85.71) in regulation and has a good record of breaking par. He should be up among the best scorers on a regular basis, but will that gather him enough points to become the champion?

StunningDave - (IRE) – 0.3
The best technical golfer on the tour naturally has the lowest handicap but if he completes enough events he’ll be the one to beat. He may have only 2 trophies pre-season but he leads everyone on scoring average (-1.33), Par breakers (32%), and putts per hole (1.54). Some impressive stats, coupled with being the longest hitter of anyone on the tour (276 yards) shows that there aren’t too many weak spots in his game.

MarcusJonesy - (WAL) – 5.1
As good as anyone on his day, he hits long off the tee (264 yards) and is one of the most accurate on the greens (1.64 putts/hole). 2 trophies pre-tour and a par breaking score of 22.2% shows that if he can cut out the odd mistake he’s a genuine contender for the title at the end of the season.

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