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April Prize Give Away - The Results Are In!

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

As we announced last month AbsoluteGaming gave its members a chance to win some cracking prizes. All for simply taking part in and around the site.

Well the result are in. They have been counted and verified by our very own Banker, a man we all love and trust. I wont waffle on too much. Here is a list of our winners:

Gaming Events - Mass Effect Andromeda & Xbox ID Games
  • Paullowes80 - Mass Effect Andromeda
  • EmotionalWorm - Firewatch
  • deareststorm - Rise & Shine
FIFA Monthly Tournament - £25 Microsoft Credit & Xbox ID Games

  • Big B 1970 - £25 MS Credit
  • CANT0NA 007 - Toby The Secret Mine
  • DaddyNJacob - The Little Acre
Prediction League - Lego Worlds & Xbox ID Games

  • oBIGASHo - Lego Worlds
  • Big B 1970 - The Jackbox Party Pack 3
  • ImmortalTanz - Bridge Constructor Stunts

A huge well done to paullowes80 Emotionalworm deareststorm Big B 1970 CANT0NA 007 DaddyNJacob oBIGASHo and ImmortalTanz

Thank you to everyone who made the effort and took part.

AbsoluteGaming April Prize Giveaway

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)


We have a huge month coming up and its something all you guys can benefit from as we are giving away lots of prizes to our members. Again the deal is really simply. You turn up and take part in selected events or features and you gain access to a prize draw. The draw will be made at the end of the month with lots of lucky winners. Lets see what you could win and how to win the prizes.


St. Pauli Cruise into Elite Stage

Rating: 5.00/5 (3 Votes)

Championship side St. Pauli stormed into the Elite Stage of the Fantasy League Challenge Cup by topping Group 4 by a clear 5 points after some very impressive displays of late. Some managers in the Fantasy League will be sitting up and taking notice of the team after recent results. Before the tournament started, only one rival FL manager had predicted the Hamburg side finish in the top 2 places required to get into the Elite Section, let alone win it.

They started out with 2 close wins against DaddyNJacob, then once he had been dispatched there followed a win apiece against Emotionalworm, a fair result for games that couldve gone either way. Because of other results, St.Pauli were knew they were already through before their playing their final game against @WeidiusNUFC. With 3 players making their debut against premiership side Sturm Graz, Ngamukol had the most impressive first game with his brace of goals securing the 2-1 victory. In the final game with nothing at stake, the players from both teams gave an great exhibition of the game of football which ended goalless despite a glut of chances.


FIFA 11 vs 11 Prize Draw Winners

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

Once again we have come up with the goods on AbsoluteGaming. We hosted the famous 11 vs 11 event last Friday and the turn out was excellent. Huge thank you to all those who made the effort.

For attending the event we paid out double money to all our members and we also gave them all a chnace to win some Xbox One ID games. We have 3 up for grabs courtesy of the work done by our excellent review team. So we placed everyone into a random prize draw and the outcome was:

Well done chaps. The codes will be on there way to your inbox very soon. Once again thanks to everyone who attended to make it a great events. More 11 vs 11 and prize giveaways very soon.

Member of the Month February 2017 Winner!

Rating: 5.00/5 (1 Vote)

Oh yes, we`re back with our monthly Member award, and again this month, we have put it out to you, the AG community to vote for who you felt deserved the Member of the Month award in terms of activity and offering to the site in terms of forum posting, games being played and much more.

AG Member of the Month February 2017 - CookieMUFC

Cookie has been really active on the site recently, and has just got back into the Fantasy League. Cookie has been getting discussions going, an that`s what we like to see from our members.

Congratulations. A profile award is on it`s way to you.

More from Member of the Month at the end of March.

Rangers are the Super Cup Champions!

Rating: 5.00/5 (2 Votes)

Rangers last night, took home the title, of Super Cup Champions, after beating Subz and his Helsinki side 3-1. In a game many expected to be tight, was a lot more open, and one sided to the shock of many.

Talk of a stomach upset, spreading through the Helsinki ranks, may well of been true after all, as it was a very slow approach to the game from them. oBIGASHo said after the game, hopefully that was the start of something good for Rangers, after a few tough years for the club.

Though he did point out, that League games, were played, and after trailing 3-0 after 20 minutes, they managed to rescue a point, in a thrilling 3-3 with newboy wintz and his side.


Goal of the Month

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Member of the Month

February 2017 - CookieMUFC


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